Vent Hood Repair

You want your kitchen to smell of delicious aromas. Range hoods, also known as vent hoods or extractor hoods, have kitchen exhaust fans that help you accomplish this by providing odor removal and ventilation. If you need range hood repair, call the experts at Repair My Appliance for expert service so you can have a comfortable, inviting kitchen again.

Don’t delay! Built-up grease and smoke can damage your walls and cabinets and hurt your indoor air quality. Simply schedule service online, or call us at (587-415-0572). The Repair My Appliance technicians in Edmonton, Alberta area.

Common Types of Range Hoods We Repair

There are a variety of vent hood types. Using a mechanical fan and filtration, some kitchen exhaust fans push air outside your home, while others merely filter it and recirculate it back into your kitchen. No matter what type you have, the technicians at Repair My Appliance are always ready to perform expert range hood repair!

  • Ducted These range hoods exhaust air to the outside of your home.
  • Non-Ducted or Recirculated These hoods recirculate air after filtering it.
  • Under-Cabinet Typically non-ducted, these vent hoods offer replaceable filters.
  • Wall-Mounted Chimney These are installed against the wall and appear similar to a home chimney.
  • Ceiling-Mounted Chimney Also called island hoods, these are typically suspended above cooking islands.
  • Custom Built-In These blend in with cabinetry and have ventilation built into the wall.