Dryer Repair

dryer repairDryers today can experience many different issues. If your dryer is not heating, not tumbling, making strange noises or giving you any other type of trouble, our experienced dryer repair technicians are prepared to help. No matter if you need maintenance or a full service repair, Edmonton and the surrounding areas is your go-to repair service. We have years of experience and the knowledge to not only get the dryer repaired quickly, but to get it done right.

Repair My Appliance has a growing reputation within Edmonton and Calgary communities for extensive expertise in dryer repair at affordable cost. Our technicians are factory trained to work on all dryer brands and models, including electric dryers and gas dryers.  They are equipped with fully stocked common parts in the trucks to help with any dryer issue.

When laundry machines break down, it can cause stress to your entire family. Many homeowners get stuck dragging their laundry to a laundromat, incurring extra expenses the longer the machine stays broken. If you need help with a dryer repair near you, we’ve got you covered.